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Gator Bait

Preppy eye candy

Gator Bait: preppy eye candy
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This is a community in which members post pictures of good-looking boys/men who are dressed preppily. Because some days we need a pick-me-up, and mixed drinks aren't an option in study hall or at work.

Preppy = Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, etc. Preppy is NOT: Aeropostale, Hollister, and the like. So while the models may be divine, the clothes inevitably will not. Use your best judgement when posting pictures, especially when the stores they hail from seem borderline teenage mall rat.

Posts that include a large picture or have multiple pictures should utilize a lj-cut. At the top of each post, please include the name of the model (or whoever is in the picture), the photographer's name, and what store/movie the photograph is from, if applicable. If you have no information about the picture, it's not a problem - eye candy is delicious no matter what!

Sketches/drawings, both by yourself and others, are also fair game.

Please host pictures on your own server - there are plenty of free photo hosts out there, most notably Photo Bucket. By doing so, we can begin to accumulate an archive of swoon-inducing pictures.

Membership is open, and all members can post. Members should aim to post at least one picture a week, so we can keep the community active. If a member continually posts pictures that are more run-of-the-mill than prep school pin-ups, the mod reserves the right to remove them from the community.

New members should include the following in their first photo post:

Location: (state, country - whatever you're comfortable with)
and a Mini Autobiography. This brief description of yourself should not exceed more than a few sentences and will allow the members to get to know each other better.

Please do not promote faux preppy or non-preppy communities in gator_bait; if you must promote something, do it under a lj-cut.

If you want to promote gator_bait, that'd be awesome (although not required, by any means). Sydney - i_love_hot_pink - has made an adorable banner featuring Doug Pickett for us to use:


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